the donut dimension
hello, my friend!


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My name’s Fritter. I’m an Australian, who loves me some cute sharks and classy suits. I have many outstanding features, including procrastination, crushing self-esteem issues, and a mean head of luscious golden hair. Should such magnificence not scare you away, you will also be gladdened to learn of my most outstanding trait - the ability to do stuff all. If you wish to say hello, by all means, go ahead. i’m waitin for u baby

I rather like Super Paper Mario, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Corpse Party and Steins;Gate. However, my past of doing nothing but watching anime and playing video games knows no bounds, so there are many other things I post about, am I given a reminder that they exist.

Here is the requisite gif of one of my many “waifus” or “husbandos”.