the donut dimension

hello, my friend!


| Age: ( ・ω ) | Date of Birth: (°Д°) (ಠ益ಠ)| Blood Type: (´ー`) |
|Star Sign: ♍ | Sexuality: (థ౪థ) | Gender: |

My name’s Fritter. I’m an Australian who loves me some cute sharks and classy suits. I have many outstanding features, including procrastination, crushing self-esteem issues, and a mean head of luscious golden hair. Should such magnificence not scare you away, you will also be gladdened to learn of my most outstanding trait - the ability to do stuff all. If you wish to say hello, by all means, go ahead. i’m waitin for u baby

I rather like Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Ace Attorney, Dangan Ronpa, and Super Paper Mario. However, my past of doing nothing but watching anime and playing video games knows no bounds, so there are many other things I post about, am I given a reminder that they exist. See here for a longer list. also i’m not actually fancy but don’t tell anybody that

Well, that appears to be all I have to say. To sign off, here is the requisite gif of one of my many “waifus” or “husbandos”. he says good day.

(wtf do u mean u didn’t read all that)