the donut dimension

'stop inverting gravity you ass'

"But it’s okay if things change and we can’t meet up here. As long as we keep each other in our thoughts, none of us will ever have to be apart. Got it memorized?"


How to Deal With your 10-foot-tall Boyfriend Through Teamwork, a guide by Kairi and Sora


[1/4] Friendships - Sea Salt Family

The three of us ended up becoming best friends. Together, we shared our problems… and together, we smiled. I…I wanted us to stay like that. I thought we could go on like that forever… 


remember when they all wanted to run away together? because i certainly do


sora: axel’s kind of a weenie, but we don’t judge him for it!!

roxas: (yeah we do)


squeaking in under the bar for 813

what kinds of things do you and the rest of the organization do on your days off?


well, the remaining organization members once went to disneyworld